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3 IMPORTANT STEPS on the way to your dream home


STEP 1 – You have decided to take a closer look at what Northern Cyprus has to offer, 
i.e. housing types, location, prices, etc. We will help you get acquainted with the market and what it has to offer, before you proceed to step 2 which is to book an Inspection trip.

STEP 2 – We offer tailor-made Inspection trips. When you book a tour, you might want to specify which locations and types of housing you are primarily interested in and we will organize your individual Inspection trip so that you can get the best insight into what is on offer and consequently purchase what best fits your needs. 

STEP 3 –  Once you have found your dream home and made that important decision to buy, an independent lawyer will be appointed. The lawyer will look after YOUR interests throughout the whole buying process and handle all legal matters. 

1. Getting to know the market

Buying a home is always a huge step and right information is the key. Including getting well acquainted with the market so you can make the best possible decision.
This is where we really step in and help you with our extensive local knowledge and connections. You might not know the market and what is available, and you definitely need to see for yourself which areas are best for you. We at MyHomeInTheSun will provide you with enough information and assist you every step of the way so that you can make that very big decision in the way it will benefit you the most. Part of the process is showing you different areas on the island and homes within those areas that meet/fulfil your requirements.

2. The Inspection trip

An Inspection trip is the alfa and omega of the whole process. You get to visit all the relevant developments and receive first-hand necessary information concerning each area and all the associated facilities. You will be assisted all the way by one of our experienced real estate consultants. Before deciding on an Inspection trip, you should take a look at what is on offer but also what characterizes different areas here on the island. This is where we can guide you in the right direction. We will both provide all the necessary information, while at the same time answering all of your questions.

3. Closing the deal

The purchasing process is transparent and uncomplicated, as we will make sure it is conducted in a completely safe and secure way. We have personal experience with buying a home here in Northern Cyprus and know the buying process inside and out. We guarantee that all legal matters will be taken care of on your behalf by an experienced lawyer. All homes in our portfolio are freehold, and title deeds for all types of homes will be issued after the payment is completed.

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